We boosted the brand with a formula that represents us: IDENTITY + CREATIVITY

Have you ever… thought about your future?

Our first goal was to transform LIFE into a well-known, desired brand, with a positive image among consumers. This meant having to perform actions related to the brand´s purpose, values and positioning, creating an emotional bond with the target audience so as to influence on a future decision

After a logo´s redesign, we worked on a new concept and brand slogan: “Protagonist of your future”. This was born of a exhaustive and creative search.


Later we gave this concept a visual identity through images´ system that represents the LIFE´s tone and personality.

Traditional media

Protagonist of your future

The brand was launched from a transmedia storytelling, in which 2 true stories (real clients) gave their testimonies through multiple media and traditional and digital communication platforms – TV spot, radio, social media and Google

Social media


+ 10.000
on Instagram
and Youtube

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