Success case

We opened the first heliport of the region.

Grupo Oroño opened the first heliport on high ground in Santa Fe province and we were there to join them and make this a great and unique event.



A 160mts2



media channels covering the event live


Making a milestone something else to remember.

Inform and communicate about the importance and the work done in the project for all the region to get to know the new health service.


Organizing, covering and communicating an event for authorities.

We organized an event taking into account the impact it made and the importance of its guests. The heliport on high ground leads to the beginning of a new health era for the city and we had to be up this opening. Within a two-day production and even more days working with logistics, we organized a luxurious event, with a helicopter arrival, the best drinks and catering service, a live band and DJ. A 250 mts2 tent, a 48 mts led screen, a 240 led spotlights, 50 people appointed to technique, assembling and dismantling, a 1000 mts fabric for decoration. As well, the event was covered by the media, with images production, video, drone and live broadcasting on social media, making it possible for everyone to watch the landing wherever they were

It was a hectic two-day organization,whose highlight was the live arrival of the helicopter which hovered above the guests. Everyone experienced the adrenaline of watching it in action and enjoyed the incredible infraestructura

Daiana Rhiner
Grupo Oroño´s Production


A unique and effective flight

More than 200 people attended the event, including local authorities and Grupo Oroño´s professionals. More than 20 media channels were there, broadcasting the event, some of them live. The guests enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere, with excellent catering service and a live band. As well, everyone enjoyed the incredible moment when the helicopter arrived at the heliport.