We did everything for the
Go Sanatorio Funes´ s opening.

Oroño opened the first clinic in Funes city and we were involved from the start to the end of the project. How did we do so? By doing everything

We arranged
the place

We developed
a communication plan

We organized
the event

We thought and designed a signage system

We designated a colour palette, different patterns, graphic designs and materials for every piece and sector

Once materialized, we directed their location so as to ensure place and tidiness

We planned an integral communication strategy

on digital and traditional media.

Under the concept “Estamos donde vos estás” (We are where you are), we showed Grupo Oroños´s territorial proximity to its patients.

We started action in local media in Rosario and Funes, not only to get greater coverage but also to adapt the messages to the audiences and their interests.

We ran digital campaigns on Google and Grupo Oroño´s social media.

We organized the opening event

We summoned the media and prominent local people from the medical and political sector.

We chose a presenter to host the opening and a musical band to set the mood.

We coordinated the logistics for the arrangement of the different areas, staging and setting of its facilities.

We did everything and we all worked together.

Teamwork that took several months , which was a success.