Success cases

Production of advertising lower thirds

Long-reach format.

We produced a five-second dynamic piece for being located in the lower sector of TV screens during football matches .


lower third with different models.


national and international tournaments


sports signals


Funcional and football.

Funcional is characterised by a continuous investment in advertising, on both digital and traditional media, aiming at maintaining a high level of exposure. Because of that, we aimed at football as a means of reaching our direct and indirect audience, so as to make visible and position the brand as the leader in the field.


Great impact in few seconds.

We proposed four brand/product contents. We produced an attractive and direct piece, taking the limits of this format into account. For this purpose, we came up with two advertising video shoots of the shoes with a 360° turn and a particular lighting climate, focusing on the product details.


All the signals, all the tournaments .

The pieces are currently present in many of the 2019 tournaments and leagues of higher rating and sport engagement: “Superliga Argentina”, “Copa de la superliga 2019”, “Copa Libertadores”, “Copa Argentina”, “Copa América”, 2022 Qatar World Qualifiers .