Ellecktra: Google´s Recommended Partner

Thanks to our positioning brand strategies for our clients, since 2015 we´ve been distinguished with the “Google´s Recommended Partner” badge by Google Partners.

What does it mean to be Google Partner? The Partner badge shows that Google acknowledges Ellecktra as a officially certified partner. For this, you must meet performance requirements, exams and minimum investment amounts on digital advertising

Due to this distinction, in 2016 we were invited to the event about global and digital tendencies that Google organizes in its central headquarters at Silicon Valley, California (USA) for its main partner agencies of the region.

Our team, Matías Borello and Maximiliano Fuhrmann, was fully dedicated to training and learning the latest trends in the digital market.

One of our greatest challenges is to boost brands outside the city. In this sense, Google´s tools have been very useful to achieve it.

Matías Borello –
Ellecktra´s General Director

Through these media, we can target the message to the people we´re interested in reaching. One of the main features of digital advertising is to be able to measure its specific reach. To modify and focus on the audiences even better every time so as to optimize the investment

Maximiliano Fuhrmann
Ellecktra´s Digital Marketing Manager

Experts on online advertising

So as to offer much more advertising possibilities to our clients, we sat all the Google´s exams, being one of the most specialized agencies in the country. Getting a holistic point of view of the new technologies in the business world is a fundamental pillar to bring brands closer to people.

Currently, we hold all the certifications approved by Partners Program. That´s to say:

Google Analytics Certification

Google Ads Search Certification

Adwords Certification (Mobile)

Adwords Certification (Video)

Google Ads Display Certification

Adwords Certification (Shopping)

Google Digital Sales Certification