We virtually launched a new
Grupo Oroño Medical Center

After opening four medical and specialized centers together with our client, we had to do it 100% digital in this opportunity.

A historic infraestructure in Alto Rosario Shopping


square metres

0 months´

record time

We carried out documentary interviews with the six most important representatives of the project, explaining every detail and its importance for the institution.

We developed a spot, touring the facilities and capturing from aerial views to the most delicate details of the interior design

We started to think about this launching in December 2019 . Meanwhile, pandemic broke out and we had to change our communication axis. It was then when we came up with a campaign with great digital strength. Rosario Miranda, Ellecktra´s Art Director

Rosario Miranda, directora de arte de Ellecktra.

So as to publicize the launching and the opening we took the campaign to all the digital media.


Posts and

We published news about different topics so as to address all the audiences.

Congratulations Grupo Oroño, it´s so good to have you a bit nearer .

It´s beautiful. Always thinking of the city and its growth.

You´ve always been present in my life, since the moment my daughters were born.



We´re proud of being part of this kind of projects where the city really grows and people´s acceptance is positive because it really means a change in their lives.